Many people have been trying to find answers surrounding human nature. Humans have the capability of great acts of kindness, love and can also maintain their relationship with God; yet they equally have the ability to engage in evil and cruelty . Humanity is the state of being human; the quality of being kind to other people and animals. John From Plumber Johns Creek said this in his speech in church last sunday.


God original plan for humankind

Originally, God created a perfect world; it was a world without sins. He created the first Human beings in his own image with the potential to be fulfilled and keep a relationship with him. Genesis states that everything was shalom which means peace; the type of peace where everything was working according to God’s intentions. The universe was made for human’s prosperity; they would live in happiness in the presence of their Maker.


The fall of humankind and the origin of evil

When Adam and Eve failed to obey God’s command at the Garden of Eden; the rebellion is referred to as the ‘fall of man’ — a transition from innocence and obedience to God to the state of guilt and disobedience. They both represented humanity; their actions hence, had repercussions on the whole universe.

After the fall of man, sins entered the world. Every individual born afterward is morally corrupt, prone to sin and moved further from God’s grace.


Humanity is retained in God’s master plan to save humans from sins. The consequences of the fall of man left humanity in a sinful state, freedom from the bondage of sin was fulfilled at the cross when Jesus was crucified, died and resurrected. Christ could not have established his church in the hearts of men before he dies on the cross and shed blood for it.


Did Jesus die so all humankind could be saved? Yes, God gave his only begotten son so that all humans, believers or unbelievers, could be free from sin through Christ’s death on the cross. Christ became the source of eternal salvation for whoever obeys him.

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Defined broadly it could mean all human beings described together as one great big whole. However what is generally meant, or implied when the word humanity is used is the attributes or behaviors that make people different from every other species of animal. Humanity is all the things that make people act and think like human beings. Essentially humanity means that people are being far more good, or far more evil than any animal. Humans can be far more creative or considerably more destructive than animals, the latter acting as they do through sheer instinct alone. Animals may do good things, or they may do bad things yet they have no concept of right or wrong.


People tend to claim that they have acted on instinct after they have done something rash at best, or evil at worst. People though have the ability to know the difference between good and evil, to pick been selfless over been selfish. Further more from a young age children can be taught about ethics, how to be good, and how to avoid been bad. (This is what exactly our church member John from Plumbers Johns Creek Ga is doing with his kids). Any religion will want to instruct children how to behave in ways that increase their willingness to help others and act with humanity. At least they should do. The church for instance regards the teaching of children about the Gospel and the great example that Jesus gave of how lives should be lead in serving others and been a good neighbor.

Of course, authoritarian regimes also know that shaping the ideas and the mentality of young people goes along way in securing their hold on power. Such regimes tend to replace humanity and religion with the concept of making people loyal to the party, the leader, or the cause. Organizations have also used such mind controlling techniques to persuade their followers to act in evil ways for the advancement of their cause.


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The church can help in developing humanity within people no matter what their age. Humanity is something some people just happen to have more than others.Yet the church can preach and teach the benefits of showing greater amounts of compassion towards others. Showing compassion and that you care for others is something that Jesus Christ not only taught to his disciples but showed often in his all too brief ministry of three years. Love and compassion are qualities that make people better people to know, and the more people that show they have a great deal of humanity then the world should become a more caring place for us all to live in.


Humanity then is something that makes all of the people that adopt it better Individuals to know, and better people to live with, or near to. I remember my discussion with my friend John from Plumbing Escondido CA, He said The more of us that hold and share the values that altogether are known as humanity the better for local communities, towns, cities, and perhaps whole countries. Humanity is something that we should all embrace yet in too many societies there are trends to make people less caring, less sharing, and less compassionate rather than better Individuals to know.

In many respects the church and humanity should go hand in hand with each other, or at least they always should do. The Gospels are full of examples of humanity from Jesus and the disciples, as the New Testament shows humanity was met with brutality from the authorities that feared that the teachings of Jesus would change the world. Considering that Jesus was all about preaching the great virtues of peace, love, as well as understanding He was considered more dangerous than if he had actually been a great and powerful warrior king. Jesus Christ was the personification of humanity at the same time as been God. The church predominantly bases it’s teachings on the New Testament, which is why it embraces humanity as been a really important part of Christianity. The church ideally would like it’s members to fully embrace the aspects of humanity as that was what Jesus did himself.

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