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Talking about good butt hygiene is a taboo in our society, and we need to change it as millions of people walk around with dirty anuses every day. Look at it this way: You were eating melted chocolate, and now your face and hands are dirty with melted chocolate. Would you use just dry paper to clean your face and hands or would you wash also?

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The table shows the main structures and associated organs of the human alimentary canal or gutand their functions. Digestive system The table shows the main structures and associated organs of the human alimentary canal or gutand their functions. Structure Function Mouth Where food enters the alimentary canal and digestion begins Salivary glands Produce saliva containing amylase Oesophagus Muscular tube which moves ingested food to the stomach Stomach Muscular organ where digestion continues Pancreas Produces digestive enzymes Liver Produces bile Gall bladder Stores bile before releasing it into the duodenum Small intestine - duodenum Where food is mixed with digestive enzymes and bile Small intestine - ileum Where digested food is absorbed into the blood and lymph Large intestine - colon Where water is reabsorbed Large intestine - rectum Where faeces are stored Large intestine - anus Where faeces leave the alimentary canal.

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Anorectal malformations are birth defects, or problems that happen as an unborn baby is developing during pregnancy. They are the lower part of the digestive tract. Ano means the anus.

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Cancer that originates in the colon, rectum, or anus are commonly referred to as colorectal cancers, and they are the third most commonly diagnosed cancer among men and women. Some types of cancer that originate in the bowel are hereditary, so if you or someone in your family has ever been diagnosed with colorectal cancer, it is recommended that other family members get screened. This is especially important if you or a family member were diagnosed with a colorectal cancer before age 50, or if there are several other types of cancers that run in your family. There are treatments available for colorectal cancers that can help manage symptoms in some cases.

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A non-cancerous, or benign, tumour of the anus is a growth that does not spread metastasize to other parts of the body. Non-cancerous tumours are not usually life-threatening. Anal warts are growths that can develop on the skin around the anus called perianal skin and on the lining of the anal canal.

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Stimulating this gland has the potential to create longer, more frequent and more intense orgasms. However, this sexually fulfilling experience is seemingly off limits to mainstream, hetrosexual culture due to homophobia and outdated sexual values. These misguides opinions are preventing many from exploring their prostate and the experience to be vulnerable and receptive to penetration.

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Hemorrhoids are more common in the overweight population for several reasons and can be both painful and irritating. Avoid this health problem by eating a high-fiber diet, drinking plenty of fluids and being as active as possible throughout the day. What are Hemorrhoids?

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Should we be asking more questions about the contents of our food? Some of these may surprise you. Do you know what you have eaten so far today?

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The inner lining of the anal canal is the mucosa. Most anal cancers start from cells in the mucosa. Glands and ducts tubes leading from the glands are found under the mucosa.

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Human tails and pseudotails are rare sacrococcygeal lesions that are associated with a wide variety of anomalies and syndromes. Anorectal malformations are also relatively uncommon congenital defects that often occur in conjunction with syndromes or other congenital abnormalities. The anomalies associated with both disorders determine the timing and approach to surgical correction. We present an unusual case of a patient with both imperforate anus and a pseudotail in the absence of a syndrome or other associated anomalies and we emphasize the necessity of a thorough preoperative evaluation.


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