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W hat is the really seedy detail in the story that Tyneside police staff may have been involved in selling stolen images of Spencer Tunick's artwork that involved 1, people standing naked by the Tyne? Not that the pictures have been illegally grabbed from CCTV footage, but the image of them changing hands in a pub. Sell a nude photograph in a gallery shop and you are disseminating art.

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There's a thin line between art and just plain crude, but who's to say where that line can be drawn? It has always moved a bit further with each generation. Why can't pornography therefore be a form of self-expression and art?

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The history of erotic depictions includes paintingssculpturephotographsdramatic artsmusic and writings that show scenes of a sexual nature throughout time. They have been created by nearly every civilization, ancient and modern. Early cultures often associated the sexual act with supernatural forces and thus their religion is intertwined with such depictions.

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Veneres uti observantur in gemmis antiquis. The works proved popular and spread in both the original French featured above and English translation featured below. As to why the images are presented so small?

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Porn and art generate two classic human responses: "Art is in the eye of the beholder" and "I know porn when I see it. Sometimes these responses overlap such as in reaction to erotic Egyptian drawings, Ancient Greek wine vases, 19th century etchings and literature, and in 20th century erotic photos, movies, and adult cartoons. In these cases, we observe art with erotic touches or eroticism with artistic touches.

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The distinction between erotic art and pornography is often debated, but rarely agreed upon. As western society becomes increasingly liberal, art becomes more experimental and the distribution of porn, commonplace. As a result art and pornography continue to merge.

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Lovelacea film starring Amanda Seyfried as Linda Lovelace, a porn star who was famously abused by her peers, is coming out this August. Some journalists will claim that the porn industry perpetrates sexism. This debates centres around the idea that the process of making porn is not relevant to judging the artistic value of the end result.

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His work focuses on the nature of mind and human experience. He has been philosopher-in-residence with The Forsythe Company and has recently begun a performative-lecture collaboration with Deborah Hay. People use pornography to get sexual pleasure.

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The chapters in this collection are ranged under four broad themes. Part I tackles the central issue of whether or not art and pornography are mutually exclusive in the most direct way. Part II explores the topic of imagination and fictionality in relation to pornography.

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I asked a few people this question in the past, and they emphatically stated that porn was not a form of art in their mind. To me, it kind of does qualify as art. A lot of art is a reflection of the society in which we live in, and porn does that very well too.


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