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Chances are very good that your husband has no idea how you want him to get close to you. My research over the past two decades, as a clinical psychologist in private practice and as a speaker presenting marriage seminars across the United States, shows that eighty-five percent of all husbands have no clue when it comes to closeness with a woman. He believes the only purpose of romance was to get you to marry him; after the wedding, he dropped it.

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Sex is an important aspect of most every marriage. Your sexuality plays a major role in life. It influences how you dress, act, and interact with others around you.

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Here's how to inoculate ourselves against negative ones. Verified by Psychology Today. Married and Still Doing It.

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Many marriage education experts and therapists caution that when couples believe in the myths of "happily-ever-after" or "love conquers all," problems in the marital relationship may surface within a short time after the wedding. The success or failure of your marital relationship may hinge on how well you deal with issues such as finances, sexuality, communication, conflict, parenting, in-laws, leisure time, family of origin, spirituality, expectations, and chores. Even though you may be very busy with wedding preparationsit is critical that you make time to prepare for your life together by exploring your relationship in more depth. Communication, along with a willingness to grow closer together, even when the topic is difficult, is one of the keys to a successful marriage.

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It's true that married sex is the best sex. To grow your relationship, Castellanos says, "ongoing communication about your sexual self is essential. Expecting your sex drives to sync up from the start might be a mistake.

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If she no longer is talking about it, and a specific solution has not been implemented, she may be planning her exit. Now, no one is suggesting that you have a Big Relationship Talk every day—that would be exhausting. And for secrets to marital bliss, check out the habits that experts say will increase your chances of divorce.

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Sex therapists can vouch for that. Below, they share seven issues that can ruin a relationship if left unaddressed. Surprisingly, you can be in a sexless marriage and still have sex.

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What's the deal with married sex? For years, comedians and married people have been saying that it's close to non-existent. And then some other suggest the most and best sex you can have after your wedding is by having an affair. That's not even getting into people in open marriages.

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I never even dreamed about my wedding day as a young girl. Though he was totally different than me, my not-yet-husband complemented me completely. Instead, I was made better by being around him, and it felt like I did the same for him.

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Salt-N-Pepa's song, " Let's Talk About Sex ," was a hit for a reason: Couples who discuss tricky topics, like what's going down in the bedroomare 10 times more likely to have a happy relationship than those who ignore difficult subjects, says Joseph Grenny, social scientist and co-author of Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High. Before you get beneath the sheets and maybe even afterexperts say you should have these sex conversations with your partner. Trust us, doing so will make the experience that much more enjoyable.


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