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Ever wondered how to swear in Spanish? Here in this article, you'll learn some Spanish curse words that are definitely offensive. So remember to use sparingly and only when needed!

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Keep in mind that you can use these words perfectly well, in the correct context and everything, and people will still giggle at them. Dirty humor truly knows no boundaries. I say you tackle this head on, though.

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Amigovio perfectly expresses the relationship we English-speakers would describe as friends with benefits, except in a far more concise way. Combining the words for friend and boyfriend amigo and noviorespectivelyamigovio an all-encapsulating use of vernacular that manages to perfectly express a pretty common global concept in an elegant way. Again, it concisely expresses something all spice fans have experienced at one point or another, and we really need an English equivalent.

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Puta is often used an exclamation of surprise, positive or negative: Puta! I just stubbed my toe. Puta is found in English texts by the s.

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One of my favorite things about living in Spain was speaking Spanish. Blinding flash of the obvious, speaking Spanish in Spain, but I loved every minute of it. I loved ordering breakfast at the cafe around the corning of my apartment.

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After more than 2 years of living in Mexico my Spanish was not only fluent, but also contained a strong Mexican accent. I felt pretty confident about my language skills… till I started hanging out with Spanish people. Here is a list of words only the most popular ones, but there are way more of them that are different in Mexico and other countries and also Mexican slang. Go fuck yourself.

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This page is full of swear words and some of the more extreme insults - as they are much stronger than the content found on our other insults page, we felt it was best to separate these into their own page of Spanish swear words and harsher insults. If you don't want to read extreme insults or are not of a legal age in your area, please visit our PG insults page instead. If you are of age and want to read some swear words, insults, or more colorful language, then this is the page for you.

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Travel Tips. Warning : This article contains graphic language. They are a colorful, slightly scandalous addition to any language.


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