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This concept is mentioned in Qur'anic text as a reward to believing men after death. According to the Quran, once in jannah, believers are wed to virgins with "full grown", "swelling" or "pears-shaped" breasts. Sahih authentic hadith detail the amount if houris and what they are for.

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Are there 72 virgins in heaven? Is the male martyr waiting for Persian-eyed, fair skinned women? Can it be true?

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Abu Wardeh was quoted as saying: "I described to him how God would compensate the martyr for sacrificing his life for his land. If you become a martyr, God will give you 70 virgins, 70 wives and everlasting happiness. But I am running ahead of things.

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The houris are mentioned in several passages of the Quran, always in plural form. No specifics are ever given, though, as to the number of houris that should be available to each believer. As for the gender of the houris, it has traditionally been believed that they are beautiful women and a reward for believing men, [8] with numerous hadith and tafsir describing them as such.

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In Pakistanthe Taliban flogged a teenage girl in front of a crowd, as two men held her face down in the dirt. But there is the beginning of an intellectual reform movement in the Islamic world, and one window into this awakening was an international conference this week at the University of Notre Dame on the latest scholarship about the Koran. The Notre Dame conference probably could not have occurred in a Muslim country, for the rigorous application of historical analysis to the Koran is as controversial today in the Muslim world as its application to the Bible was in the s.

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It has been said that Muslim martyrs will be rewarded with 72 virgins in heaven, or paradise. But a growing number of Quran scholars and Islamic theologians have contested its interpretation. The original [word] that was used in the Quran was the word for raisin, not virgin.

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It is reported on the authority of al-Mughira b. Shu'ba that the Messenger of Allah may peace be upon him said: Moses asked his Lord: Who amongst the inhabitants of Paradise is the lowest to rank? He Allah said: The person who would be admitted into Paradise last of all among those deserving of Paradise who are admitted to it.

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The dispute was forgotten following the attacks, but in their aftermath, another look at it is warranted:. If you become a martyr, God will give you 70 virgins, 70 wives and everlasting happiness. Some Muslim leaders contended that the English translation did not match the Arabic and accused CBS of fabricating the quote. CBS News admitted that the English voiceover did not match the Arabic quote, but played an unaired portion of the interview for a Knight Ridder editor who speaks Arabic and for two native Arabic speakers.

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Muslim men who die as martyrs fighting in battle or other deaths are promised 72 or sometimes 73 beautiful, black-eyed perpetual virgins as wives in heaven. This short page is simply a brief description of what the hadiths say about these heavenly virgins, called "houris". In them will be fair Maidensgood, beautiful;

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Reader Alex has several questions about the supposed Islamic belief in men receiving 72 virgins in the afterlife:. Seriously, this would require a huge staff of people to coordinate this effort. The [72 Virgins] belief is to mainstream Muslims as the belief that we will one day be issued wings and a harp, and walk on clouds, is to mainstream Christians. I can assert that women do not want 72 male virgins.


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