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Some men may have hairy backs. Women can sometimes have hairy backs, too. Common beauty or fashion standards may make people feel like having a hairy back is undesirable or unattractive.

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Estos hilos son moderados por Deanski's Please correct your posts according to Deanski's indications and suggestions! The Word for Today is: Hairy. My cat is shedding and after a night lying on a towel I thought the cat was still there eventhough he had left.

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This table lists symptoms that people with this disease may have. For most diseases, symptoms will vary from person to person. People with the same disease may not have all the symptoms listed.

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Tweeze, shave, chemical cream, wax or electro-zap: Humans have come up with a pharmacy's worth of ways to deforest their bodies of natural hair. Yet, to evolutionary biologists, humans are amazing not because they have so much hair, but because they have so little. Whereas our ancestors once sported full-fur suits, Homo sapiens today are almost embarrassingly naked. The story of how our bodies morphed from being upholstered in head-to-toe carpeting into a mosaic of hairy and non-hairy bits is one of sweat, sex, scent, and not to be left out climate change.

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Yes, hair. Plant hairs, called trichomes, serve several purposes. They reduce transpiration, protect delicate tissue from sun or frost, capture moisture, and interfere with pest movement or feeding.

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At least five members of the family of Petrus Gonzales, who lived at the French court and then at various Italian courts in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries, were afflicted with a genetic abnormality that causes the body to be covered with hair. Physicians and scientists studied the hairy Gonzales children and their hairy father, and artists painted their portraits. To a very few, they were simply humans with unwanted hair.

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Because I seem to be the poster child for chemotherapy side effects i. I've experienced all of themit didn't come as a complete shock to me that hair loss was next on the list. The second or maybe the third or fourth shoe has dropped

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As The Guardian noted, Cameron Diaz was telling adorable anecdotes about forcibly grooming a hairy friend just under a year ago. Here, the brainiacs were ridiculed and the hairy nimble beasts ruled the day. Each gig was a different situation, some hairysome boring, most both in alternating fashion.

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Tom Jones has long been a symbol of raunchiness, tight trousers and Cuban heels. But, according to new research, his excessive body hair could also mean he has high intelligence. It seems we have been wrong to write off medallion man.

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