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She is identified only by her initials in the criminal complaint. A federal complaint filed on Sept. The agent alleged that Abrahams, when interviewed, acknowledged controlling 30 to 40 hacked computers and extorting some women.

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When I first read the email from my hacker, I couldn't stop screaming. I didn't know what to do; I was in a state of complete shock and terror. I had sensed something was wrong, but this was my horrifying confirmation.

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A US teenager has pleaded guilty to hacking computer webcams to capture images of women in the US, Ireland and elsewhere to blackmail them. In Septemberhe surrendered to FBI agents after they raided his home in Temecula, California and seized computers, mobile phones and hacking software, according to court records. Appearing in court at Santa Ana, California, Abrahams pleaded guilty to three counts of extortion and one count of unauthorised computer access.

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People who believe hijacking a webcam is mostly a tinfoil-hat theory should listen to the recently crowned Miss Teen USA. About four months ago, when California's Cassidy Wolf "was just a normal girl in high school," Facebook notified her that someone tried to "log into her account from another state. She then received an anonymous e-mail from a stranger saying he was in possession of photos of her that were taken in her bedroom via the webcam on her computer after it was hacked.

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Lawrence Livermore researchers have identified electrical charge-induced changes in the structure and bonding of graphitic carbon electrodes that may one day affect the way energy is stored. The research could lead to an improvement in the capacity and efficiency of electrical energy storage systems, such as batteries and supercapacitors, needed to meet the burgeoning demands of consumer, industrial and green technologies. Progress in these areas demands a more complete understanding of energy storage processes from atomic through micron-length scales.

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By Daily Mail Reporter. Reigning Miss Teen USA has told of the terrifying moment she opened an email that featured naked photographs of herself secretly taken via webcam from a hacker at her school. Cassidy Wolf's interview with Anderson Cooper comes as an international crackdown by the FBI and police in 19 countries has brought more than 90 arrests in what authorities say is a serious strike against 'creepware'.

If you're photogenic and enjoy posing for photos, you may have thought about becoming a model. Starting as a teenager is actually very common in the industry -- Tyra Banks began modelling at just 15! It's not an easy field to break into, though, and it's not all glamorous photo shoots and fashion shows.

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The year-old computer science student targeted at least a dozen girls and women from countries all over the world, and was only found out when Cassidy Wolf, the beauty pageant-winner with whom he went to high school in California, went to the police with his demands. Jared James Abrahams appeared in court yesterday to answer questions from a US district judge, and was asked to explain the crimes he committed. He would then send them the pictures, and threaten to make them public if the girls did not do one of three things: reply with more naked photographs, a naked video or go on a webcam chat with him for five minutes and do what he told them.

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Wolf, 19, told NBC's "Today" show she has "mixed feelings" a day after the arrest of Jared Abrahams, and that part of her feels sorry for him. Wolf and Abrahams are both from Temecula, in Southern California. The beauty queen told NBC she was not friends with Abrahams in high school, but knew his name and routinely passed him in the hallway.

The year-old boy sat in his California home, eyes fixed on a computer screen. He had never run with the popular crowd and long ago had turned to the Internet for the friends he craved. But on this day, Justin Berry's fascination with cyberspace would change his life.


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