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Videography by Ken Kleiber. Like, my boss will ask me to recommend a trendy restaurant for her to eat at or the secretary will ask me to critique her outfit. Or the guy in marketing will ask me what it feels like to get fucked up the ass.

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It's only a few months into Donald Trump's presidency, and we're already getting lazy in our resistance. So lazy, in fact, that we've started to rely on gay jokes as the ultimate power play to take on Trump and his administration. From murals of Trump kissing Russian President Vladimir Putin popping up around the world, to Saturday Night Live 's Press Secretary Sean Spicer locking lips with Trump in the latest episode, jabs at the president's sexuality have infiltrated the fight against the administration.

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At one point in the special, the year-old launches into an unfunny rant about gay men who marry unsuspecting women. Schumer also makes a crack about straight men seeming gay if they act too sentimental or romantic, and then makes some stupid remark about how all male costume designers are gay. My mom started watching the Amy Schumer special and right away my wifi stopped working.

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During a recent visit to Texas, President Barack Obama made a stop at Franklin Barbecue in Austin, where he ordered a ton of meat and was seen giving a cashier one of his famous fist bumps. Obama gets a fist pump as he pays for his lunch during a surprise visit to Franklin Barbecue in Texas obamaaustin pic. That cashier -- Daniel Rugg Webb, a comedian and part-time employee at Franklin Barbecue -- told the Austin Chronicle the fist bump was a reaction to a gay sex joke:. As the president approached, Webb threw his hand down and slapped the counter dramatically.

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Why do some men crack sexist and anti-gay jokes or find them funny, while others do not? According to Emma O'Connor of the Western Carolina University in the US, such disparaging jokes are a way for some men to reaffirm their shaky sense of self, especially when they feel their masculinity is being threatened. Interestingly, in such situations men do not revert to neutral jokes or ones containing anti-Muslim sentiments, comments O'Connor, lead author of a study in Springer's journal Sex Roles.

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To find out what else was gay, I looked to popular-culture, where I saw gay men mostly adhering to a fairly one-dimensional set of stereotypes: fashionable, witty, effeminate. Historically, gay stereotypes have been even less kind. Both found the accuracy of these new tropes difficult to prove, but explored their complex and often contradictory origins.

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Eddie was a college-educated, relatively liberal, straight guy. He spent almost his entire life in a small, predominantly Christian and staunchly Republican town; he felt like he was surrounded by a lot of ignorance. Considering that he and his male buddies loved to make rape jokes — especially rape jokes about gay men — I would have to agree with him.

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Hill first claimed the story was fake news. Then, after an audio recording surfaced, he claimed he was just kidding around. Hill has faced universal condemnation — some of the loudest coming from members of his own party.

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It's a pretty clear sign that this country has gone way below rock bottom when a show as transphobic, xenophobic, and homophobic as Family Guy is taking the moral high ground against the President of the United States. In this week's nightmarish new episode, Peter Griffin becomes Donald Trump's press secretary. But when Trump sexually assaults Meg Griffin, Peter confronts the president in a lengthy fight that takes them through the landmarks of D.

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Today, The New York Times took another leap toward becoming the estranged homophobic aunt you unfriend on Facebook when it posted a cartoon depicting Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin as forbidden teen lovers. Putin eventually arrives to pick up Trump in his car — topless, of course. Cartoon Trump, his heart aflutter, jumps in the passenger seat.


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