Asian ornaments and paintings

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Given that these nations share much cultural material, they can be referred to collectively as East Asian civilization. The primary source of this shared cultural material is historic China ; thus, the foundation of East Asian civilization is Chinese civilization, and the essentials of East Asian art may be conveyed by summarizing the art of historic China see History of East Asia. Chinese history can be roughly divided into three periods: ancient ca.

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Chinese art traditions are the oldest continuous art traditions in the world. Early so-called " stone age art" in China, consisting mostly of simple pottery and sculpturesdates back to 10, B. This early period was followed by a series of dynasties, most of which lasted several hundred years.

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With a history of more than a thousand years the ancient Silk Road has provided the cultural, political and economic exchange between the East and the West guiding traders through countless rivers and roads, through mountains and valleys. It began in the Ancient China and connected Central and West-Asia to Europe leaving innumerable historical proof from regions which spread along the Silk Road. The exhibition The Silk Road.

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Japanese artthe paintingcalligraphy, architecture, pottery, sculpturebronzes, jade carving, and other fine or decorative visual arts produced in Japan over the centuries. The study of Japanese art has frequently been complicated by the definitions and expectations established in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, when Japan was opened to the West. The occasion of dramatically increased interaction with other cultures seemed to require a convenient summary of Japanese aesthetic principles, and Japanese art historians and archaeologists began to construct methodologies to categorize and assess a vast body of material ranging from Neolithic pottery to wood-block prints.

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In China, paintings that tell stories have flourished as powerful vehicles for both didactic messages and self-expression since the fourth century. Such paintings typically offer either continuous, multiscene illustrations presented in long handscrolls, or monoscenic compositions that evoke an entire story with a single iconic episode. But we also find generic landscape, flower-and-bird, and figure paintings that—despite the absence of narrative imagery—tell vivid stories through appended inscriptions.

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Museum of Fine Arts, Besancon. Chinoiserie wallcovering Handpainted, with rococo motifs.

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These beautiful hand-painted glass ornaments have the Chinese characters for "Double happiness" or "Love". Each comes with a red thread for hanging and is packed in a traditional Chinese red cotton box to keep it safe from one holiday season to the next. And, in case you are not into decorating Christmas trees,

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Chinese arts and culture have had substantial influence in Thailand. A strong friendship between China and Siam from Sukhothai Period onwards paved the way for the adoption of Chinese arts and culture. Particularly, during the early Ratanakosin period, a large number of Chinese people migrated to Thailand and they brought with them culture and traditions which they expressed through various forms of arts including mural paintings.

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Chinese art is visual art that, whether ancient or modern, originated in or is practiced in China or by Chinese artists. The Chinese art in the Republic of China Taiwan and that of overseas Chinese can also be considered part of Chinese art where it is based in or draws on Chinese heritage and Chinese culture. Early " stone age art" dates back to 10, BC, mostly consisting of simple pottery and sculptures.

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Ancient Chinese art is arguably one of the oldest continuous traditions in the world. Chinese art can be dated back to 10, BC, the Neolithic period, when simple pottery and sculptures were mostly common. The art has evolved with time, and religion, politics, and philosophy have all played an important role in ancient Chinese art.


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