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Spanking: It may seem old-school but this controversial punishment continues to make headlines. The short answer is yes. In all 50 states and the District of Columbia, you are not forbidden by law to use corporal punishment on your child as long as the form of punishment is reasonable and does not cause injury.

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CNN Most parents know the proverb, "spare the rod, spoil the child. Parenting Without Borders considers how parenting trends and methods differ -- or don't -- around the world. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger.

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A person commits an assault when. Every schoolteacher, parent or person standing in the place of a parent is justified in using force by way of correction toward a pupil or child, as the case may be, who is under his care, if the force does not exceed what is reasonable under the circumstances. The freedom and choice of parents to discipline their children in the manner they choose, free from interference by the state, raises the question of where the line ought to be drawn between acceptable physical discipline and criminal assault.

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It is prohibited at Head Start programs and in most juvenile detention facilitiestoo. But in many states, there is one place where it is permissible to hit, spank or slap: school. Although that number has declined over the years, researchers have found that black students, boys and disabled students continue to be physically punished at a greater rate than their classmates. Corporal punishment, defined as paddling, spanking or other forms of physical punishment, is legal at public schools in 19 statesmainly in the South, and is also allowed at private schools in 48 states.

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While spanking was a common form of disciplining kids for years, the tactic is now banned in 43 countries. And Canada could be next. In DecemberPrime Minister Justin Trudeau announced his plans to revoke a law that allows parents to spank their kids.

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Spanking is a form of corporal punishment some that some parents use to discipline their children. Today, more people view spanking as an unacceptable form of punishment that parents should avoid. While spanking a child is not considered a separate and distinct crime, it can be considered child abuse in certain situations.

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Please contact us if you have any questions or trouble finding the information that you seek. You should speak to a lawyer for legal advice since laws often change. Hitting another person is an assault no matter how hard or soft you hit.

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These days, everyone knows it is against the law to beat a child, but many people worry that merely raising a hand to spank a child is a criminal offense in California. So is spanking against the law in CA? The punishment must also not fall under the legal definition of child abuse, which occurs when a child is exposed to cruel or inhuman corporal punishment or an injury that results in a traumatic condition, including but not limited to punching, kicking or choking.

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Although Christians debate and disagree about the issue, the Bible appears to permit the use of corporal punishment:. Therefore, for the Christian, the issue of whether or not California law permits corporal punishment is of interest and concern. California law permits spanking.

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New data released this week indicates that countries where the slapping, spanking, and corporal punishment of children has been banned now have lower rates of youth violence compared to countries that allow corporal punishment. The number comes from a study funded by the Canadian Institutes for Health Research that is part of a growing body of research suggesting spanking children is a counterproductive practice. The best way to halt what has become a vicious cycle? Pass a law making spanking illegal.


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