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Make a special Valentine's Day card for your partner this year with our range of personalised and unique same sex designs. You can add photos, names and special messages to the cover of the card quickly and easily. Choose from romantic, cute or funny templates, guaranteed to make them smile.

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These jokes are NOT meant to encourage bigotry. Q: What do you call a lesbian with fat fingers? A: Well hung.

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Sorry to sound like a horny year-old boy, but Superbad is my favorite comedy of all time. In SuperbadSeth Hill and Evan Michael Cera were absolutely clueless about girls and sex, which struck a chord with teenage me, a girl who was curious also about sex, confused about friendship, and terrified of a romantic future. Actually, Booksmart is better than Superbad, because it's funny and led by two female characters, one of which is gay.

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Q: Why was the lesbian sick? A: She was lacking vitamin D Q: Whats the difference between a lesbian driving in the fog and eating pussy? A: When u are eating pussy you can still see the asshole in front of you!

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One time I kissed my girlfriend while we were out and a little girl looked at us with such amazement like. Originally posted by devilishlysweetnightmare. After some time to reflect on your feelings, you take a hard look at your gay self in the mirror.

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The modern world experiences great raise of the attention and interest to the LGBT society. Tolerance is the new fashion, and now it is even equally significant as the racism problem is. Special attention is paid to the girls having the lesbian partnership.

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Hey, perplexed "straight" girl. Greetings, curious straight boy. Welcome, my lovely closeted queer girl it gets better, I promise.

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The best lesbian jokes Someone asked me how I view Lesbian relationships. Apparently, "in HD" wasn't the correct answer. Vote: share joke Joke has More jokes about: lesbian.

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The message inside reads " A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person". Dan became frustrated at the lack of romantic greetings cards offered to the LGBT community, so he designed his own! We only charge the Royal Mail cost price for this.

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One million mothers have started an online campaigning group to voice their protest a scene in Toy Story 4 which is so brief and insignificant that you might as well have missed it. An American organization called One million Moms has started a campaign in order to protest a 'lesbian' scene that was present in the movie. This scene has caused enough outrage among the members of the organization that they have started a petition against Disney and has gained 12, signatures.


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